Name Title Email Phone Web site
Bates, Mark Special Educational Assistant Email 2820
Bechard, Elizabeth 7th Grade English Title l Email 3730 Web site
Becher, Martha Educational Assistant Email 2420 Web site
Booth, Scott Special Education Teacher Email 4120 Web site
Byrum, Dawn 7/8 Math Teacher/Athletic Director Email 3710 Web site
Carroll, Annette H.S. Mathmatics Teacher Email 4390 Web site
Dassow, Peter H.S. Social Studies Email 4380 Web site
Dean, Korryn 5/6 Science Teacher Email 3530 Web site
Detlor, Mary Counseling Office Secretary Email 3900 Web site
Dudei, Lorrie Kindergarten Teacher Email 2030 Web site
Earnest, Brenda First Grade Teacher Email 2110 Web site
Ernst, Katie EC Educational Aide Email 2420 Web site
Ertl, Lisa 3rd Grade Teacher Email 2300 Web site
Femal, Kristy Library Aide Email
Fenske, Chief Police Liason Email
Franz, Ken 7/9 Special Education Email 3520 Web site
Grueneberg, Ruth Educational Assistant Email 2710
Heil, Ryan IT-Dept Email 5500 Web site
Helmrick, Jamie H.S. Physical Sciences Teacher/Head Softball Coach, Asst. Volleyball Coach Email 4330 Web site
Hetzel, Wendy Administrative Assistant - Year Round Email 1000 Web site
Hintz, Ann Secretary Grades 7-12 Email 4910 Web site
Homan (Groth), Tara H.S. Spanish Teacher Email 4130 Web site
Hopfensperger, Mike IT-DepT Email 5500 Web site
Hopkins, Amy Bookkeeper-Year Round Email 1010 Web site
Hughes, Scott Maintenance Email 5110
Jagielo, Ellynn 3rd Grade Teacher Email 2310 Web site
Jasin, Lynn Special Education Teacher Email 2800 Web site
Jensen, Renee 4K Teacher Email 2050 Web site
Jenson, Marsha First Grade Teacher Email 2100 Web site
Jepson, Shawn EC-6 Principal Email 2900 Web site
Kemnetz, Dawn Kindergarten Teacher Email 2020 Web site
Knuth, Gary Teacher Email 4270 Web site
Knutson, Kathy Special Education Teacher / Yearbook Advisor Email Web site
Kramer, Diane Educational Assistant Email
Kruger, Doreen Business Education Email 4100 Web site
Krummel, Tina 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, MS and HS Forensics Email 3720 Web site
Krystowiak, David Health/Football Asst. Coach Email 4250 Web site
LaPorte, Lorna 5/6 Math Teacher Email 3550 Web site
Labucki, Ann Food Service Secretary Email 2920
Manthe, Ashley Guidance Counselor (K-6) Email 2950 Web site
Marinack, Anthony District Administrator Email 1020 Web site
Marti, Ashley Speech/Language Pathology Email 2830 Web site
Marti, Nicholas 7-12 Principal Email 4900 Web site
McCarthy, Bart Alt. Ed Email 4200 Web site
Miles, Matt Band Email 4220 Web site
Mills, Amanda Educational Assistant Email
Mitchell, Tawnia MS/HS Music Teacher Email 4210 Web site
Montgomery, Jen 7-12 Art Teacher Email 4260 Web site
Murray, Carla Elem. Music Teacher Email 2700 Web site
Nelson, Cathy Second Grade Teacher Email 2210 Web site